Middle Town Inn: Worldwide cuisines with Middle Town Inn

Middle Town Inn, an aspiring newest pension house in the city of Bacolod, wants to take Bacolod accommodation on a new road of business adventure where pension services are not only limited to providing board and lodging.

One of its services is providing catering services to make sure it becomes part of your memorable events such as birthdays, weddings and reunions. The food on the menu has an exciting mixture of oriental, western, Mediterranean and of course Filipino cuisine.

Food is something that speaks a lot about the place and Middle Town Inn is something to be proud of about Bacolod’s taste and tradition. The prices vary depending on what you can afford, but you can be assured that everything is just as good as you expect your food to be.

Why choose Middle Town Inn

One of the newest and freshest pension houses here in Bacolod is the Middle Town Inn where Bacolod hotel accommodation has assumed a completely new and different meaning. Having started serving for just over a year now, Middle Town Inn has all... ~ more ~

Weddings at Middle Town Inn

Weddings these days are becoming more and more expensive. As much as two people in love want to celebrate their union with lavish preparations and extravagant reception, they only dream about it like a distant star. ~ more ~

For you our beloved traveller, Middle Town Inn is “your home, where everything is near you.” It is situated right in the middle of the city where a few and even more, essentials are a walking distance. Church, malls, supermarket, wet market, park, spas... ~ more ~

What you need to feel at home

As a traveler or tourist, someone who’s new to Bacolod City, choose a place that will make you feel at home. With Middle Town Inn, it has taken hotel accommodation business to the higher level. Check out the place and you won’t be surprised... ~ more ~

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